Outside the hall

The hall is situated on Grampound recreation ground. Within the grounds are the football pitch, the play area, the bowling club, the village store and coffee shop, the primary school and a public convenience. Along Fore Street, 50 metres west of the village hall is the Ham Field. Please note that the car park is free for people using any of the facilities in the grounds of the hall. For further information, see car park.

Village store and coffee shop

Within the car park outside the village hall is situated the community owned shop and coffee shop. The shop stocks a wide range of food, drink and household items including bread, milk, cheese, cream, wines, beers, pasties, snacks, cereals, biscuits, tinned foods, fresh sandwiches, vegetables, cold meats, cleaning products. The coffee shop serves freshly ground coffees, teas, cakes, and toasted paninis. An outreach post office operates from the coffee shop on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 10 a.m. until 1.30 p.m.

For further information, see Village store website

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Attached to the wall of the hall behind the bicycle shed, is a defibrillator. Public Access Defibrillators are located in public places accessible in an emergency and can be used without any training by following the voice instructions given by the machine.

In the case of a medical emergency, it is imperative that someone rings 999 as soon as possible. Tell the operator what the issue is and advise them that there is a public access defibrillator close at hand. Ask them the code for the box. Then, if appropriate go to the defibrillator. In order to open the box, enter the four-digit code then press the button with the tick mark. Remove the defibrillator and follow the instructions given by the machine.

Public access defibrillator

Play area

The play area is owned and run by the village hall. It was refurbished and re-equipped in 2015 with most of the cost covered from s106 open space monies that were derived from the planning permission granted for the building of the Old Tannery estate. The play area is open to children of all ages.

The play area is visually inspected each month and a full inspection of the equipment and facilities is carried out by RoSPA annually.
See ROSPA inspection April 2021
See ROSPA inspection April 2020
See ROSPA inspection June 2018
See monthly playground inspections 2022
See monthly playground inspections 2021
See monthly playground inspections 2020
See monthly playground inspections 2019
See monthly playground inspections 2018

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Public convenience

There is a unisex toilet suitable for all. The toilet was handed over by Cornwall Council to the village hall in April 2016. The village hall is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the facility. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The toilet is suitable for use by people with disabilities. There is also a baby-changing table. The village hall receives a grant from the parish council to cover the costs of operating the facility.

In August 2016, after a local fund-raising initiative, Grampound's toilet has been twinned with a school block of toilets in Sierra Leone, a country like many others that is in desperate need of improved toilet facilities. See Toilet twinning poster.

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Bowling Club

Within the recreation ground, Grampound Bowling Club has its bowling rink and clubhouse. The club was founded in 1927 and is still going strong.

For further information about the club, see the Grampound Bowling Club website.

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Football Club

Grampound Football Club has a lease on a large part of the recreation ground covering its football pitch and a training area. The area is maintained by the football club although the grounds are open to all users provided they take care not to cause damage to the football pitch and to respect the rights of the club.

Further information on the football club on Grampound FC website.

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Grampound Primary School

Grampound with Creed C of E primary school is situated between the main road and the village hall. The village hall and the school have a close working relationship and the school has use of the hall Monday to Friday daytime during school terms.

For further information about the school, see School website.

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Ham Field

50 metres west of the recreation ground is the Ham Field. This land was kindly donated to the village hall by the Ham family who used to live at Penbetha across the road. The village hall has obtained grants from Grampound Community Fund and from s106 open spaces monies and has carried out works to make the field suitable for use by the community: by the schoolchildren, by the rainbows, brownies and guides, and by the general public. It is suitable for picnics, barbeques, outdoor play and learning etc.

Strictly no dogs in the field please, except for assistance dogs.

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